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NAD+ is a regulator of cellular aging. This molecule enables energy
production in all living cells. As we age, changes in joint pain, skin elasticity,
energy level, bone health and metabolism change. NAD+ is essential to
providing energy to cells, metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and amino acids,
repairing DNA and more. NAD+ infusions help restore cell health by directly
infusing the molecule needed for proper body functioning — just like putting
gas in a car!

Muscle Recovery
NAD+ is found in every cell and plays a critical role in
regulating cell energy levels and metabolism of nutrients.
NAD+ infusions can result in a improved muscle function,
increase in energy, improved muscle recovery and reduced

Pain Reduction
Low levels of NAD+ can impact immune response, trigger
inflammation and DNA damage. Ensuring adequate levels of
NAD+ can improve pain symptoms and help restore tissue

NAD+ and NADH are companion molecules that are used to
generate energy in cells. Metabolism of carbohydrates, or
sugar, is part of this process. Excess sugar in your body leads
to an overload of NADH which has been linked to many
metabolic conditions including diabetes. Without enough
NAD+ or if there is too much NADH, the body can’t activate
enzymes that are associated with reducing diabetes and liver

Brain Health
Enzymes called sirtuins are known to benefit brain health and
by lowering inflammation, improving neural function, slowing
neurodegeneration and repairing DNA damage. Sirtuins are
dependent on NAD+ to function—infusions of NAD+ have
been shown to improve mental clarity, function and reduce
cognitive decline

Heart Health
NAD+ can improve conditions related to decreased blood flow
and blood vessel function. In addition, NAD+ is critical for
normal heart function and protects the heart from injury

Mental Health
NAD+ helps balance hormones that affect depression. It has
also been used very successfully in addiction treatment. NAD+
can reduce cravings, depression and boost energy levels while
reducing negative symptoms of withdrawal and detox. Along
with other modalities, NAD+ can help ‘rewire’ the brain,
restore and protect brain cells

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