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Dr. Tecar Method

Doctor Tecar is an FDA Cleared monopolar RF medical device containing a variety of treatment benefits by way of its capacitive and resistive modes.
The diathermic effect of Doctor Tecar is optimal for treating acute, subacute, and chronic injuries. The specific capacitive and resistive modes stimulate the passage of energy in biological tissue, activating the body’s natural process of repair and recovery.
Doctor Tecar technology is designed for wide-ranging personalization. Due to the extensive treatment options available to the therapist, a customized procedure will effectively address your needs. Doctor Tecar is an advance customizable therapy without compromise.
The electromagnetic field created, capacitive or resistive, generates heat, allowing targeted, easy to manage therapeutic applications.
Doctor Tecar uses high-frequency currents for the bio-stimulation of tissue with different resistivity.
The beneficial effects of Doctor Tecar therapy are good for bruises, sprains, post-surgery rehab, sports traumas, muscle and tendon disorders, neuropathies, scar tissue, spine and peripheral joint disorders, vascular and lymphatic system disorders, orthopedic disorder or peripheral nervous system, acute and chronic pain.
Benefits of Doctor Tecar Therapy:
· Results appear right after first session
· Relieves pain, helps tissue regeneration, and accelerates healing, in some cases reducing the duration of treatment
· It is effective for treating soft tissues like muscles and the harder bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments, etc
· The equipment allows the personalization and optimization of the treatment according to the patient
· By regulating the energy level, it is possible to intervene on the superficial and deep layers of the tissue
· It can be used immediately after trauma or in the acute state of an inflammatory process.
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