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Whole Body Cryotherapy in Orlando at CryoNext targets your entire body with extreme cold temperatures (-170°F to -280°F) that activate the sympathetic nervous system and reduce systemic inflammation which is the cause of so many chronic issues, such as pain, auto-immune conditions, weight gain, and various diseases. The goal is to keep engaging your body’s systems to keep you active from the inside out. Continue mobilizing blood and release valuable hormones, which will keep them running efficiently, just like keeping a regular oil change schedule on your car. Adding Whole Body Cryotherapy daily is as important as exercising and good eating. Make it a part of your healthy regiment today!


Our innovative compression systems are designed by NormaTec. Your Lymphatic system is designed to remove garbage and toxins from your body. But, this process can take long periods of time. Think of it as the garbage disposal of your body. The challenge is, it doesn’t have a pump. One of the reasons we get sick is because this system gets backed (Lymphatic Overload). Especially people who don’t stay active. The build-up of toxins creates a perfect environment for illness to flourish, similar to the way bacteria can form on garbage. Now, add viruses… How will the body rid of the toxins generated by viruses when your Lymphatic System is overloaded? Stop by today and let’s flush your Lymphatic System!


Often we pay close attention to eating well, but we don’t consider that most of that nutrition never makes its way to our cells. Our cells need love too! Most of us are vitamin deficient and try to supplement ourselves with over-the-counter vitamins. Unfortunately, we can only digest so much orally, and when we do, our body only processes about 30% of what we take through our mouth. Intravenous consumption of vitamins bypasses the digestive system and gets the valuable vitamin nutrients directly into the bloodstream where they are needed the most! Our custom IV Treatments assist with Immunity, Detoxification, Hydration, and Energy boosting.


Red Light, Infrared, and Frequency therapy are all designed to target and assist the repair and rejuvenation of cells. Whether we’re boosting the production of ATP within the mitochondria of the cells, or activating a detoxification process to eliminate toxins and heavy metals, our goal is to slow down your aging process by generating the production of new cells, supercharging the cells that you currently have, and slowing their decay.

A healthy CELL keeps you WELL!

Our technologies may assist with boosting your energy, repairing muscle and tissue, and addressing pain from Inflammation. They also have been shown to improve neurological processes to help you sleep and boost your focus. Let us help you regain the production and active lifestyle that your body is capable of giving you.

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